Useful Diet Tools

I have a current set of documents that I made up by browsing many MANY diet websites and blogs.

Weight and Measurement Chart – This may be too much information for some of you, but I liked that there are two days on each page. I don’t know how often it is appropriate to measure oneself, either.

Frozen Entrée Diet Measurement Chart

Shopping Lists – I had the shopping lists both on one page, but decided to split it into two. The first one is to keep track of the frozen entrees you have in your larder. There is a place for how many were purchased of each item, the calorie count and the price. Since one of the claims of I Love This Diet! is that it is economical, I wanted to keep track of my expenses. The second page is for fruits, vegetables, dairy, and snacks.

Frozen Entrée Diet Shopping List part 1

Frozen Entree Shopping List 2

Weekly Meal Planner – You can use this to plan your meals for the week. I cross off frozen entrees on my shopping list when I have used them. Your planning doesn’t have to be too detailed, but seeing it all in one week may help to vary your meals. I also mark if I plan on eating out on certain nights.

Frozen Entree Diet Weekly Meal Planner

Daily Food Diary – I like this format – which is a hybrid from the diet plan and another site. I added boxes to check off to track water consumption, as well as dairy, veggie, and fruit servings. That’s an old Weight Watchers thing. I also kept the “ratings” boxes from I Love This Diet! because it is good to remember your favorite entrees.

Frozen Entree Diet Daily Food Diary

I have uploaded the pages as pdf’s, so please let me know if there are any problems with the files.


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